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Hi everyone, I am a qualified teacher and Head of Year in a secondary school. I have been teaching for 10 years and I can clearly say there is a huge gap in our curriculum regarding educating our children on black history.

I have therefore created a YouTube channel dedicated to the teaching and education of black history for our young people. I am targeting in particular, Early Years, Foundation Stage and Key Stage One. This would typically be ideal for children between the ages of 2 – 7.
Due to being a mother of a 5 year old daughter it is apparent to me that these key important elements of our history are not currently being taught in schools. The channel is designed to inspire and educate in a fun and engaging way for little ones.
New videos will be released on a weekly basis (Wednesdays at 4pm GMT). Our children need this as part of their life long education rather than once a year in a month giving our children repetitive information.

We are providing a catalogue of videos weekly to teach your children positive black history and give them a sense of representation that they are not currently receiving in their school curriculum or in the media.

Length of videos are suited to engage children with shorter attention spans yet keep them entertained throughout.

Repetition is what helps our little ones learn so please replay videos to your children to consolidate learning .

Nursery and Primary school teachers can also use these videos as engaging learning resources. Please try to integrate this into the curriculum where you can!
I hope you find this useful.

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