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I’m Tivina, picture editor by trade and calligrapher by love! My calligraphy journey started back in 2015 under the expert eye of Sharon Shaw at an evening course in Covent Garden. Since then my practice has taken me on a journey from broad edge calligraphy to pointed pen. I started making cards for friends and family, then people began asking me to make them for their loved ones. And from here Nibs & Notes was born. What start as initially just a place to document, has now grown into so much more.

From Wedding invites and place cards to working with well-known brands such as River Island and Sainsbury’s Magazine, Nibs & Notes can answer all your calligraphy needs. When I’m not putting pen to paper, you can find me attempting to start yoga (again) or listening to some old school Hip-Hop while cooking up a storm in the kitchen! 

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