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Shobo Photography Miscellaneous, Photography, Services

SHOBO London is a brand founded in 2020 by me, Tobi Sobowale!

With an interest in art, design and lifestyle, SHOBO encapsulates me and the elements of visual art that express who I am.

ART. I have had an interest in photography since studying GCSE Art and professionally became a freelance photographer in 2015. I am a visual artist, who is interested in how I can capture and portray art through composition and bold colours.

DESIGN. I am currently an architecture student, completing my Masters of Architecture at the Manchester School of Architecture. Soon to be qualified architect, I am interested in how I can empower forgotten communities while interrogating the relationships between politics and architecture. For now, SHOBO is more arts focused but I am intrigued by how I can use design to portray and present the values I stand for.

LIFESETYLE. Faith. Reading. Writing. Travel. I hope to expand on this topic through the blog so keep your eyes peeled! I have a hosted a series of conferences and brunches that encourage women to love and embrace themselves. Through the YAB (You are Beautiful) Campaign, young people were encouraged to embrace their insecurities, a challenge I also faced.

SHOBO celebrates women. SHOBO celebrates black women. SHOBO celebrates art and design and how it can be used to evoke conversations of power, self-worth and impact.

Based in London, UK.

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